Tennistroubleshoot monthly schedule

Interested in a tennis training, mentoring or coaching?

If individuals would like to hire us for training, mentoring and coaching needs, please check the availability provided in the schedule first.

Green means -AVAILABLE, Blue/Red means -UNAVAILABLE for anything else except the given project. By clicking on a specific DATE you can see what kind of  PROJECT we are busy with.

All the prices are exclusive expenses.

- Practice session - 70 Euro on an hourly basis.

- Coaching day - 240 Euro  

- Coaching week - 1680 Euro 

- Mental Coaching session (online or live) - 150 Euro 

- MatchAnalysis (video), sent to us and feedback - 150Euro 

- Coach Seminars - 1500 Euro per seminar

- Online mentoring program and prices

If two or three players are involved in training/coaching, the split is 66% of the above-mentioned fee per person. 

Companies and institutions can also hire us for "Tennis Events" - "Personal or Online Mentoring". In that case, the Dutch VAT will be added on top of these prices.

More tennis info about our teaching:

Contact us through:     +31655170257

Greetings, Edvard Igaz