Luris NWA drop-in sessions

This is the booking tool for an individual Luris drop-in sessions for the NWO NWA-ORC call. Note that there is an internal procedure for the required approval letter from Leiden University. Register via and submit your pre-proposal before 23rd of May. NWO deadlines: deadline to submit the initiative is on the 9th of May; pre-proposal 6 June 2019 and full proposal 16 January 2020. if you are thinking about submitting in a later call you are also very welcome to sign up now.

 We will be happy to answer questions about the call itself, the fit of your idea with the call, finding partners, etc. If you are already preparing a proposal we can also discuss a draft. In that case, please send us the draft at least 3 days in advance. Pick a designated slot near your location for a session of 45 minutes.

The meeting will take place in the indicated public area near your Institute. These are:
- Mathemathics & LIACS: restaurant Snellius
- LACDR, LIC & IBL: coffee corner first floor new Gorleaus
- LION & STRW: restaurant space near reception desk Van Oort
- IBL: Sylvius - space to be confirmed
- CML: restaurant Van Steenis

- SSH: Luris (Langegracht 70) 

Note that before you can pick a slot you need to create a user account. You are prompted to sign in first. After this click on the preferred slot.

If you need to cancel, please do this also via this agenda. The slot will open up again for someone else.

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