Form room user

Dear future room user,

In order to become a room user, we need the following information from you. When you have filled in this form (and you've sent your picture), your information will be sent to the WSKOV and used to make a room user card for you. You can use this card in exchange for the keys to the piano rooms in the Clock House. We will contact you to make an appointment so you can pick up your card and sign the contract. After this, you are ready to make use of the WSKOV piano rooms!

NOTE: starting September 15th 2023 our prices will increase.

Prices per half-year until 15 September 2023:

  • €0,- (WSKOV members)
  • €10,- (students)
  • €15,- (non-students)
  • €30,- (groups)

Prices per half-year after 15 September 2023:

  • €0,- (WSKOV members)
  • €15,- (students)
  • €25,- (non-students)
  • €50,- (groups)

Kind regards,

Lucas Driessen
Choir manager 2023-I

Contact information

Street name, zip code and city

Room user information

Are you a current member of the WSKOV*
Are you a current student of the Wageningen University*
The room user membership is valid until the 15th of January/September.
It is not permitted to use amplifyers in the Klankrijk piano rooms. We thereby discourage bands to practice in Klankrijk.
Digital photograph*
In order to make a room user card for you, we need a digital photograph. You will be able to use this card in exchange for the Klankrijk keys
I hereby accept the privacy policy of the WSKOV*
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